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PERL: hashes example 8: how to handle \n in a browser session?

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I can't get past http://code.he.net/interactive_mline.php?type=perl&ex=8 -- I feel like it has something to do with the newlines.  I tried <br> instead of \n which gives a visually pleasing result but still the script won't accept it.
posted 12 years ago in Perl by DavidRabahy (8,440 points)

2 Answers

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It turns out it works just fine in Chrome; the problem appears to be with IE.
answered 12 years ago by DavidRabahy (8,440 points)
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Thanks for trying out our code.he.net Beta.
Everything should work properly with IE now.
If you need other assistance, feel free to send email to code@he.net
answered 12 years ago by codeadmin (113,880 points)

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