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string Error

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here is the exercise
Examine and try out the following code:
str="Hello World"; print str;

here is my answer
str="Hello World"
print str ========> Error
print "str"========>Error

and what you suspect me to print???
posted 6 years ago in Python by elrachyd (1,500 points)

2 Answers

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We have singleline and multiline exercises.
It looks like you tried a singleline exercise using multilines.
Please retry the code using just a single line like below:

>>> str="Hello World"; print str;
Hello World
answered 6 years ago by codeadmin (113,880 points)
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hello world..
which python version do you use?
if python 3.2 =

str="Hello World"; str  ;
answered 6 years ago by masonjr (910 points)

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