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header() function doesn't work on web server but used to work in local laptop.

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Hi all , please help me to solve my problem. Currently I am doing my final year project and it is about online shopping. Every was ok when I run the code in local side. But when I upload to web server , header() function from all web pages are not working and I am under stressed now. I have google a lot to solve this problem. But doesn't work. As I have used a lot of header function in my project. Now I am not able to handle it. Please help me. NOTE: There is no error pop up and although header() function was not working , the data inserting to database work.
posted 11 years ago in PHP by Bunny Thuta (1,200 points)

1 Answer

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If you are still having the issue, please email me your code at code@he.net.
I cannot do the project with you but can help you debug the issue.
answered 11 years ago by codeadmin (113,880 points)

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