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i have designed database using ms access , how can i convert it to php?

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my database is designed using Microsoft access and i want to change it to php without overhauling the entire database so that it can have more security features, how is that made possible?
posted 6 years ago in Other by Danny William (520 points)

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Halo Danny William, i don't think that is possible. Because PHP is a server script language (executed at the server side not browser/client side). . . . it is not a database like MySQL or Sybase and Imfomix........it helps in accessing and manipulating the database that is on the server.
Hope you are with me.
Which server do u have that supports PHP and MySQL......I mean do you have WAMP or XAMP......coz in them i think there is that function to import or export a database. If you import yours to one of the servers correctly it will now be easy for you to query and manipulate the database using MySQL incombination with PHP.
Hope i have sorted you out all the best.........
answered 6 years ago by abustainer (770 points) 1 flag
Good answer. PHP is not a database engine like Mysql, Access, oracle, Informix but is a script language that runs on server, You can also control users input at client side and in that case you will need a script language such as javascript.

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