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Question about the goal of this site

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You can realy understand and learn programing on this site? If is not enough what path should i follow after I finish this exercises?

Do exercise
posted 11 years ago in Exercises by jimmyl (3,170 points)

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This site is just an aid to learning.  It helps you with getting started in a "learning by doing" manner, where part of the experience is typing the code and having somebody walk you through part of various languages' core features.

It is not a substitute for:

* Reading the basic description of the language you are learning in Wikipedia.  Seriously, this is a good step to insert for yourself somewhere along the point as you go through exercises.

* Reading the official documentation found elsewhere on the Internet for the languages you are learning.

* Setting up a web server or getting a web hosting account somewhere so that you have a place to practice coding where you can use your code on an actual website you create.  You are going to end up needing to do this.  There is no escaping it in order to get to an intermediate level of skill.  To master these technologies you will need to code daily.
answered 11 years ago by mleber (9,940 points)

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